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General Information


Whilst every reasonable care has been and will be taken to ensure your possessions are safe from loss or damage, I Graham Chilvers, cannot be held responsible for the loss of or damage to any of your possessions, or vehicle(s), no matter how this occurs.  The washing machine is new and in good order, but it is used at your risk.

The Garden

Due to health and safety requirements, that would include a continuous hand rail and all night lighting, there isn’t any  access to the garden or bottom gate.   

Street Parking

Parking in the street is unrestricted where there aren’t double yellow lines. It can be busy during the day, especially on Saturdays, but there are always spaces at night.  

Walking from the property .

The Harbour side. When you leave the property turn right an walk along  the road until you come to a sharp bend in the road. There are a set of steps going down to the harbour. It is suitable for a normally mobile person. If you are unsure on your feet, you may find it a bit of a challenge.

The Beach. When you leave the property turn left an walk 150 yards. There are a set of steps going down to the beach. It is suitable for a normally mobile person. If you are unsure on your feet, you may find it a bit of a challenge.

The Town. When you leave the property turn left an walk to the end of the road. Then turn right and walk into the multi-story car park. Go to the far end and take the lift to level one. This will bring you out in the centre of town. Torquay Town Centre is suffering like many small towns and has a lot of charity shops etc.  

Taxi back to the property.

A taxi back to the property will cost from £3.50 to £5.20. The difference is created by  where you get in the taxi and the time of day or night.


The granite worktops in the kitchen are expensive and can easily be damaged. Please use the chopping board when preparing food or cutting anything.

The Kitchen Lights are automatic. There are two types of lights. The LED lights will always come on when you enter the Kitchen.  You can also add the main lights by the switch on the wall. Both can be switched on permanently.   Hallway and Outside Lights are automatic.  You can also switch them on permanently.


The central heating is controlled by the thermostat and is running an automatic program. The temperature can be changed by the up & down buttons on the right side of the controller. The small temperature figure shows what the new temperature will be. The little flame sign that occasionally appears means the boiler is actually heating. T


WiFi is available. It runs at plus 5 mb/s. The password is “g26winchester”. It is in constant use throughout the building, so if you are incurring problems, it will most likely be with your equipment not the WiFi. It may have a low signal in the bedrooms. We do not offer computer support.


The floodlights are on till 9.30 PM.

Arrival and Departure.

When you leave, please leave your key where you found it. You need to leave by 10 am. The cleaners will arrive shortly after 10 am and completely clean the Accommodation, restocking it and change all bedding and linen.  It is guarantee to be ready by 3 pm.


The nearest grocery store is a Tesco express in Castle Circus, which is the top end of town.  9 Lymington Rd, Torquay,  TQ1 4AQ. The next and larger is a Waitrose, St Marychurch Road, Torquay, TQ1 3HL. There is an out of town shopping centre with an M&S and Sainsbury’s at the Willows, Browns Bridge Rd Torquay TQ2 7HT


The rubbish bin is in the kitchen. Also the outside bins are to the far right end of the property past the garages.



In an emergency, I am available on 01803 297757  or 07974003739   mail@gchilvers.com

Hope You have a Great Time. Graham Chilvers.

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